Dr. Dawj

I lost my husband to brain cancer July 21 of 2012. While he forgot many things during that final month of transition, the one thing that we would remind me to do periodically or he would comment on was the wonderful oil mixture Dana personally delivered to our home for him. He was a very picky person but loved the oil scent and allowed me to use it to keep the aroma in his special space beautifully scented. Thanks so much for making his final transition beautifully scented Dana!

Love you so much!

Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster
R.I.P James E Sangster Jr.

Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster

Gia Claire, Speaker, Author of memoir Head First

“The GLOW Workshop was amazing and the women LOVED the scent. They were inhaling and feeling the energy and goodness in that tiny little bottle.

Also, since I’ve had it I find that I can’t go a day without it- sometimes I put it in my palms and just hold it up to breathe it in – so amazing – not to mention the effect it seems to have on men! Thank you Dana!”

Gia Claire
Head First

Nona Jordan, Money and Business Coach, CPA, and RYT

“I first experienced Dana’s custom aromatherapy through her Soar blend designed for coaches and entrepreneurs. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted a custom blend made to support my Get Right with Money signature program participants. Dana and I talked about the qualities that are needed to create a new money archetype and take focused action based on that and she went to work. When I smelled the blend for the first time, I was in love. I encourage the participants to wear their scent when they are on our class calls, when they are working with the materials, and when they are working on their finances. The participants LOVE the scent as much as I do. I am just delighted to be able to provide something so special to the women I work with – something so nurturing, yummy, and supportive.

Nona Jordan

Christa Gallopoulos

Working with Dana Frost on formulating my signature scent has been a truly incredible experience.  From the very thoughtful questions in the beginning to her ability to listen close and meditate on my responses, it was really surprising.  Dana puts so much thought and care into the entire process, it feels like a retreat, in many ways.  And the end product?  Exactly what I always wanted and couldn’t articulate.  I’m so glad I took the leap and trusted Dana to help me find a unique scent that both supports and delights me.

Christa Gallopoulos
Carry It Forward
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