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Suspend (Roll-On)



set aside judgements, distractions and words to enter a soulful sanctuary of meditation. 

Essential oils:

  • frankincense ancient annointing oil of spiritual freedom, quiet contemplation and connection to the divine; heals the spirit and comforts the heart, quiets the monkey mind and relieves exhaustion
  • bergamot   oil of releasing and relaxing, refreshing and comforting of grief and anxiety; supports the free flow of energy, promotes letting go and balance.
  • jasmin oil of hope and grace; improves concentration, uplifting, counteracts hopelessness, depression; relieves grief and trauma.
  • basil  improves concentration, confidence, clarity and cheerfulness; uplifting and strengthening; clears the head, gives mind strength and clarity;  a tonic to the nervous system
  •  spikenard oil of faith and surrender; a precious oil in antiquity; stabilizes the mind and settles emotions, peace inducing, encourages forgiveness, balance and resolution

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