Capim Santo Alchemy featured in CRAVE Crush

CRAVE Crush, a monthly blog from The CRAVE Company, featured Capim Santo Alchemy owner Dana Frost in July, 2013. A bit of the article is here:

Dana Frost is the owner of Capim Santo Alchemy. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Capim Santo Alchemy creates exotic blends of pure essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.

Q&A with Dana Frost

What makes your business unique?
We place the healing capacity of nature into the hands of our clients through essential oils. Aromatherapy’s impact expands beyond the nose, by tapping into motivations, behaviors and memories.

What do you like best about owning a business?
Observing my ideas move from an intuitive spark to notes written in my journal all the way to life-sized reality.

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