what is an Aromatherapy session?

A session lasts between thirty and sixty minutes. Prior to your session, you will receive a questionnaire to be completed and returned before your session. During your session, Dana will clarify your responses and lead you on an extraordinary meditative journey which will illuminate the support you need from the therapeutic essential oil blend that will be created just for you.

The session will wrap up with final questions you may have and afterwards Dana will begin crafting your blend.

The process is sacred and tender care is taken as Dana meditates and listens on your behalf with all the information she has gathered as she creates your special blend. She provides you with two to three samples of your blend which you receive via snail mail. You take a week to two weeks to experiment and experience the samples. You are free to provide feedback about the oils and request tweaks to the blend. After your first sample, your final oil is blended into a 2.5 fluid ounce spray or .35 fluid ounce roll-on and blessed in a sacred ceremony by Dana. It is then shipped to you via snail mail.


I am grateful every day for Dana’s expert creation of a custom alchemical aromatherapy blend specially designed to support my highest goals. I felt safely held as Dana guided me through the beautiful process that allowed her to determine the right and perfect essential oils for my desires. If you are seeking the rare experience of feeling profoundly seen, nourished and loved exactly where you are, I highly recommend partnering up with Dana so her aromatherapy can work its magic in your life!

–Christy Harvey

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